(be aid to them)

SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION continues in  implementing  the chicken meat weekly  distribution to the poor families at mukalla city

Mukalla – Abu Bakr Omer

SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION , carried out the chicken meat weekly  distribution to the poor families in its  fourth week  at mukalla city with funding from the benefactors .

The foundation has distributed at this day (18) cartons of chicken meat  at the rate of (23,400)kg to the poor families at mukalla city..

And In a speech for  SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION chairman ,  Mr. Ahmed Said Ghanem said(“This project considers to be  one of the main projects of the foundation for the poor families  ,specially at these  difficult circumstances of our country”).

Expressing his great thanks to the benefactors for their great fund ,and For its part, the beneficiaries of the project expressed their great thanks and gratitude to the organizations, praising ALLAH to bless the funds of the benefactors and reward them with the best reward and hoping the continuity for the foundation in its charitable projects.