Al-Mukalla / Media of Sanayah  Al-Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation

Wednesday 1. February 2022

The President of Sanayah  Al-Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, received in his office on Wednesday morning,1. February . 2022, the delegation of Ibn Abbas Scientific Foundation, headed by the Foundation’s President, Sheikh Omar Salem Bawazir , In the meeting, Sheikh Bawazir reviewed the activities and projects of the Foundation during the past period, thanking the efforts and support of Sanayah  Al-Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation for them. At the end of the visit, Ibn Abbas Foundation donated a shield (the pride of charitable work) to Sanayah  Al-Ma’rouf Foundation, in return for its role in supporting and financing joint projects between the two institutions.

The meeting was also attended by the Director of Programs and Projects at the Sanayah Al-Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Muhammad Saleh Bathar, and from Ibn Abbas Foundation, Mr. Mari Al-Mashjari, Executive Director of the Foundation, and Mr. Saleh Ahmed Al-Nahdi, Director of the Ibn Abbas Institute, and Mr. Saeed Bamdhav, Director of the Foundation’s Media Department.