Sanaaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation announced the adoption of new directions that will form a roadmap in promoting and developing the humanitarian actions , as well as the launch of the new visual identity.
This outcome approved during a board of directors meeting held on the occasion of the Foundation’s tenth anniversary .

The chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, confirmed that the new directions come based on an integrated strategy aimed at improving the quality of the humanitarian services provided by Sanaaya Almaaroof, pointing to the importance of integrating efforts and innovation in the field of humanitarian work to keep pace with the evolving challenges, and expanding the scope of cooperation with local and international partners to ensure greater impact in the sectors in which the foundation operates.

The chairman expressed his confidence that these new directions will play a major role in achieving the vision of improving quality of life and promoting social justice, calling on all partners and stakeholders to cooperate effectively to ensure the success of these pioneering initiatives in the field of humanitarian work.

It is worth mentioning that these directions come as a step that reflects the commitment of the foundation to improving humanitarian work, making a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the affected and needy in our societies, adopting innovative solutions to improve communication process , and the importance of expanding programs and interventions to include a range of social issues and challenges.

The board of directors also presented a commemorative shield to the chairman in recognition of his great efforts during the past 10 years of giving, and his overcoming of many difficulties, wishing him success in future for the foundation and community.